Anthony Yarde: From troubled beginnings to sporting excellence and boxing dreams

His first boxing experience came at around 14, Yarde says. “There was always confrontation in the area I grew up in. My mentality, I’ll be honest, was if someone tries it with me, I want to be able to knock them out.

“I thought the Mike Tyson story was beautiful and it drew me in. He was bullied, a small kid who started knocking out giants.”

It took until he was almost 20 for Yarde to take the profession seriously; he vowed to stay away from places trouble may lurk.

Six years on, he looks a natural. The combinations flow, the footwork is sharp and there’s an aura of invincibility about a man with 15 wins from 15 fights. He says he feels “at home in the ring”.

Ajayi, who tapped into esteemed trainer Roger Mayweather’s methods at the Mayweather Gym, is clearly lit up by Yarde’s prowess, refusing to call him a prospect.

“When I make statements like he has the best work ethic I’ve seen, I mean it,” says Ajayi. “I’ve seen Floyd Mayweather train, I’ve spent time in Freddie Roach’s gym in Los Angeles, and watched Manny Pacquiao. Anthony works harder. It’s his intensity.”


Taken from an article by Luke Ready for BBC Sport Full article here.