London based Stamina For Sale was established in 2009 by renowned boxing coach Tunde Ajayi to manage and train professional fighters.

Tunde’s training methodology, called System9 is an intense modern approach to Mitt & Pad work combinations.

System9 is delivered to London based amateur and professional boxers to improve their technical knowledge, speed, and power. Including British Light Heavyweight “Anthony (The Beast) Yarde”.

Now with the release of the System 9 Boxing App you too can learn Pro-combinations that will develop your technical boxing skills.

In a recent interview for a BBC Sports article on Yarde, Tunde gives more insight into the thinking behind System9.

Ajayi, who tapped into esteemed trainer Roger Mayweather’s methods after time spent at the Mayweather Gym “validated” his ethos as a trainer. Over time he has forged what he calls a “system” to develop and train a fighter.

The widely circulated videos of Floyd Mayweather’s hypnotic pad workouts are apparent in his work. Scores of tapped punches, slips and blocks are preferred to isolated power hitting.

“Most martial arts have a grading system,” Ajayi tells me. “Boxing is the only one that doesn’t have that. It is old and draconic in a sense. There’s never really been a system. I’ve created one. It’s one I feel that if anyone follows it they will be successful.

“It’s similar to what Roger Mayweather does – because of the amount of progressive combination work – but I feel I have something very unique.

“No fighter will ever be at the end of my system. It’s too in-depth. The great thing is that while a fighter trains under it he will learn something every day. It’s down to the will of the student. Give me a willing student and I will make a champion.”

Tunde Ajayi – May 2018

Taken from an article by Luke Reddy for BBC Sport you can read the full article here

App realised and developed by technology business owner and System9 boxer Matt Groves.

Matt is one of only a handful of trusted friends that train privately with Tunde.

He recognised the unique benefits of System9 from his very first session and began working on how to bring System9 to everyone using technology.

“I always enjoyed boxing training from when I was young.  Travelling often I would try to pop into local boxing gym’s and look for tips on training through books and videos on YouTube or Pinterest.

Over time though as much as I enjoyed the comradery of gyms, training is for many people a solitary thing, and there is only so much you can learn on your own. I had tried a few boxing and personal trainers but the Pad & Mitt part of my sessions (which I looked forward to the most) very rarely went beyond the standard Jab, Hook, Cross, with the odd bob and weave threw in for good luck.

One day whilst training in the famous Peacock Boxing Gym in Canning Town, East London I found myself watching a boxing coach (Tunde Ajayi) training a guy in the ring on the Pad & Mitts. I like many other people were mesmerised by the speed, intensity and variation the two displayed. Furthermore, this went on unbroken for over 20 minutes at a time.

Since then I’ve been training with Tunde and my technical ability, speed and power has grown enormously. I’m no spring chicken but can hold my own against guys half my age.  I’ve developed the System9 Boxing App in collaboration with Tunde from my real-world experience so that wherever you are be it boxer or coach you can develop and improve too.”

Matt Groves- 2018