Boxing Punch Warm Up – System9 Boxing Training Pro Tips: No 01

Anthony Yarde & Tunde Ajayi training in Danny Garcia's Gym, Phillidelphia
Anthony Yarde and coach Tunde Ajayi training in DSG Boxing Club, Philadelphia

Here System9 creator and Head Coach Tunde Ajayi talks about the importance of a boxing punch warm up.

Hello SYS9r’s,

Today I’m going to talk about the importance of a boxing punch warm up before starting pad and mitt work.

This may be familiar to those of you who have seen training Videos of myself and Anthony Yarde (number one rated light heavyweight boxer in the world) . Like the one below training recently in DSG Boxing Club in Philadelphia. Thanks to @dannyswiftgarcia@crazyangelgarcia

It may seem very obvious to many but the amount of boxers and trainers that I still see in the gyms today that do not adequately prepare their bodies before going into pad work routines is shocking.

This is the main reason I introduced the 3 x 10 punch warm up.

This set of punches was the first EVER pad routine I wrote down many, many years ago which I am pleased to share with you all in the Pro Tips Training Series to accompany the FREE System9 Boxing Training App.

So before you start your combinations go though this simple to remember punch warm up once or twice. You can do it Shadow Boxing, on the Bag or on the Pad and Mitts.

Coach Tunde’s 3 x 10 boxing punch warm up combination routine.

3 x Jabs
3 x Right hands
3 x Left hooks
3 x Right hooks
3 x Left hooks to the body
3 x Right hooks to the body
3 x Left uppercuts
3 x Right uppercuts
3 x Jab, Cross
3 x Jab, Cross, Jab

I feel it covers all areas of warming up the body and stimulates the hand and eye movements which will all be used when you start moving forward to punching consistently as you progress through the System9 training combinations in the app.

In other words instead of doing traditional stretches to warm up the body your actually specifically warming up the punching muscles you will be using.

It’s also a good primer if your coaching, helping you to start a rhythm with your boxer on the pads before moving into more complex System9 combinations.

So download the app and start your journey mastering System9 but make sure you warm up before do it 😉

Coach Tunde Ajayi 🎓

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