Smartphone player streaming training sessions to any *Bluetooth or Airplay device including Headphones, Wireless Speakers, Sound Systems or Car Stereos.

  • FREE Combination Session 1 – The First Forty
  • ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION unlocks full year 1 library, 12 sessions varying in difficulty from between 40 and 150 punch combinations (More Released Regularly)
  • Select multiple combinations to play sequentially.
  • Countdown Timer – Get your gloves on and ready to train.
  • Loop function – Repetition helps you learn.
  • Speed function – Slow it down or speed it up depending on your level.
  • Activity function – Records your sessions including Time trained, Punches thrown and Calories burned.
  • Share function – post your sessions on your social networks.
  • Feed & Blog – Latest News & Blog Posts combined with historical sessions on feed timeline

*Of course, you can still use wired if you don’t have Bluetooth but it is preferredĀ for freedom of movement.